Update #1 from India

We’re on the ground here in Chennai, after mostly uneventful travel.

‘Mostly uneventful’, by the way, amounts to this. One of Trevor’s bags didn’t get here.  United Airlines evidently checked in that one piece of luggage under Mel’s name, even though he didn’t end up being able to come with us and never checked in for the flight. So, when we switched airlines to Lufthansa in Frankfurt, they wouldn’t send that bag if the associated person hadn’t checked in for the flight.

So… we got to Chennai and the bag didn’t – we’re trying to sort that out. Pray they’ll just send it here to us without further incident.

That bag contains a lot of his clothes, and all of his all of his drum gear (metronome, mixer,  and other gear associated with the tracks we play for 7 songs). We’re praying that gets here before our first show tomorrow.

First show was supposed to be today… we got here and found out that we’ve already had 2 shows cancelled. Pray that stops and our schedule holds tight!

More later as internet access allows…

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