“Basically, we called up our friends and asked if they wanted to go on tour with us in India. Turns out that’s a good way to get people to join your band…” laughs guitarist Scott Naylor, who along with guitarist Ethan Ehrstine, founded The Gap Theory in 2011.

“We’d worked with Seth (Irby) in some worship events and recordings, and loved his writing and his vibe as a front man,” recalls Ethan. “We knew Stephen (Haddenhorst) wrote, sang, played bass and guitar and would add a ton. Trevor (Junga) had played drums AND engineered some recordings for the band we were in prior to this, so we knew he was a lot of fun to work with.”

The group of randomly connected friends found an instant chemistry as they wrote songs and rehearsed for the first tour. But it was the experience of touring that convinced them they’d found a combination that needed to stay together.

“We saw our music and stories reach a ton of people on that first tour, and that’s really gratifying…” Scott said.”Creating music, telling stories and traveling are some of the most rewarding things we could think of to do. But, the bigger reason that we do this is because we’ve all had our lives changed by our journeys as followers of Jesus Christ. Everywhere we go, we use our music to start conversations with people about their spiritual journey. That might seem random, but it’s the common thread in our relationships and in our lives. It’s what brought us together, and it’s what inspires us to continue to create music.”