The India tour – Recap

We’re all back home from the India tour, mostly. Seth hung out for a couple days in north India and is flying back today from Delhi.

We had a great time, and did about did 23 appearances –

  • 15 full-length concerts
  • 1 all-day music and ministry training seminar
  • 6 ‘drop-in’ partial concert appearances (anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes)
  • 1 outreach concert cancelled after 2 songs due to rain (had to strike the stage in a torrential downpour)

We travelled about 20000 miles (air and road miles), blew up Scott’s guitar rig, and we may have also blown up our PreSonus Digital sound console as well. So we can tell you that the AC power isn’t as reliable there as in the good ole’ U.S.!!

We also incurred $1900 in extra baggage fees from the airlines… Note: International flights charge for EVERY checked bag – travel light, folks!

So as always, there were some unexpected challenges… but we had a GREAT time, and got to share our songs, stories and faith with thousands and thousands of people. Once again, we were inspired and are excited to continue writing and recording, since pretty much EVERYONE asked how they could get a CD or digital download.

And pretty much all of the colleges and hosts invited us back next year! So, who knows…  The Gap Theory India 2013 tour?

That’s got a nice ring to it.