Still in India

OK – We’re in our final city for concerts in India. We got in about 1:30am last night after a great show in Erode, then a late night meal and 2-hour drive over some of the most memorable roads we’ve experienced yet!

We’ve done shows and events in Chennai, Vellore, Salem, Erode, and now we’re in Coimbatore.  Everywhere we go, we’re moved by the kindness of our friends here, the energy of the audiences, and the randomness of the traffic.

(Evidently, when a culture embraces a belief in reincarnation, it leads to some intersting decision-making behind the wheel…)

We play Karunya College and Hindusthan College while we’re here, then head back to Chennai to see our friends there and catch a flight home.  Last leg of the tour, but we’re excited to play some more shows. Thanks for following along!