The adventure begins… sort of.

Well, our flight out of Indianapolis was delayed due to weather. That meant we would miss our connecting flight in Frankfurt, Germany. And there was no other route to get to Chennai on the same schedule.

So we had to change flight schedules; we’re leaving tomorrow via a different route.

Seth took a different flight out of the US; he will still get to Chennai at the same time. He will have a day to rest and begin to get on the same time zone, which is 9.5 hours different than the U.S. (Don’t ask about why it’s 9 and a half hours different; I haven’t had time to Google that).

The other 5 of us will get into Chennai on Friday morning, the same day as our first show on the tour.

So, India, we are still very excited about coming and rocking all 1.2 billion of you, or at least as many million as we can. 🙂 But… 5/6ths of us might look very sleepy at our first show.


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